Karl Maughan
'Kew Gardens'


Rita Angus


Gordon Walters


Fiona Pardington



With artists increasingly embracing the possibilities of the digital world, we saw an opportunity to launch a new kind of marketplace. One that curates authentic digital masterpieces and makes discovering, collecting and enjoying digital art, a glorious experience.

What makes our NFTs Glorious?

Whether you’re a creator or collector, you can expect the very best from our people, processes and technology. We work with some of the world’s most renowned artists, athletes and rights holders. We pride ourselves on collaborating with trusted partners who value artistic integrity to create spectacular and authentic digital masterpieces designed to be treasured by the discerning collector.
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Featured Creators

We’re an ‘artist-first’ organisation that believes in bringing collectors closer to the creators they love.

From contemporary artists who are pushing the boundaries of digital art, to established estates who work with us to bring their catalogue to digital collectors, every one of our creators is a pioneer in their field.

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The glorious difference

We are guided by our values of excellence, fairness, joy and innovation. We believe that collecting art can be as life-affirming and joyful as creating it. Scarcity and exclusivity are at the very heart of what we offer. We harness the powers of decentralised technologies to bring you original art that is certified authentic and opens new realms of creative opportunity. With Glorious you can be sure that the NFT art you purchase is certifiably rare, recognisably yours and completely secure. Our team curates breathtaking content to deliver enduring and timeless works of art. Read our FAQs to learn more about what makes Glorious different.

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Carbon negative.

Climate positive.

We’re proud to offer masterpieces that are sustainable – now and for the future. Glorious NFTs live on the CENNZnet blockchain which uses Proof of Stake technology, eliminating the need for any energy-heavy mining and high gas fees. CENNZ is a carbon neutral Ethereum Side Chain that is optimised for NFTs and Metaverse applications. As well as being highly energy efficient, CENNZnet has integrated carbon offsetting into the core of its network to make it a carbon negative / climate positive blockchain. In fact, the impact of minting a Glorious NFT is so low, it’s comparable to creating an Instagram post or sending an email.

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