The Glorious Founding Membership (GFM)

The Glorious Founding Membership (GFM) is designed to recognise those early supporters of the Glorious vision.

First and foremost, it is a community of like-minded culture and art lovers who are journeying with us into this new frontier of digital ownership.

Along the way, your membership allows for gifts of digital art that can be displayed on your Samsung Frame along with exclusive access and experiences.

There will only ever be 1000 GFMs issued and our hope is that yours will become a highly precious asset to you.


Exclusive privileges

As a Glorious Founding Member, you will also receive:

  • Exclusive discount of up to 40% off Samsung Home & Electronic products (NZ).
  • Exclusive discount of 20% off Elle & Riley Cashmere.
  • Early access to all Glorious NFT releases, including Wimbledon, Opus & Nelson Mandela Foundation.
  • Access to an exclusive community of art, music and sport lovers.
  • Invitations to in-person Glorious events with our sporting, music and art partners from around the world.
  • Receive an art work each quarter from some of New Zealand's top artists.
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