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Our Story

We are a creative NFT studio and marketplace.

We work with the world’s finest artists, musicians, athletes and rights holders to create authentic, digital masterpieces.  We believe that collecting art can be as life-affirming and joyful as creating it .

Our team curates world-class and breath-taking content at the cutting edge of this new artistic frontier to deliver enduring and timeless works of art.

We use blockchain technology to empower artists and creators, facilitating royalty payments in perpetuity every time their work changes hands, so they get both the recognition and reward we believe all creators deserve. 

By bringing artists, collectors and fans closer together in this digital revolution, Glorious aims to lead the way in building a global community of creative adventurers.  To usher in this new age of artistic innovation and make moments, memories and experiences that encapsulate the beauty and glorious power of human creativity.

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