A limited edition of 12
Editions 2-10 SOLD OUT
Edition 1 Available via auction at the International Art Centre app, click here to download.
Edition 1 will be sold with a 65" Samsung Frame TV
Auction Ends 17 March 2022 @ 6pm
Find out more about the release here
About Cass

Cass will be released as an edition of 12 and presented in 4k resolution with an original composition from Dr Quentin Angus, great nephew to Rita. Dr Angus is a world-renowned jazz musician and works at the City University of New York as an Associate Professor of Music and the programme coordinator of jazz and popular music. He says he and the Rita Angus Estate have embraced the opportunity to see Rita’s work be discovered by new audiences and through new media.Cass was voted New Zealand’s greatest painting by the public in 2007.

Not only will this famous artwork enter the digital art world, it becomes even more significant with its embedded original music written by Rita’s descendant.

On Thursday March 10th, editions 2-10 will be available to purchase on the Glorious marketplace for 2ETH.

Following this, an exclusive sale of edition 1 of 1 will be auctioned via the International Art Centre App from 11th to 17th March. This first edition will be sold inside a 65” Frame TV from Glorious technology partner, Samsung.

Glorious Founding Members will have first access to the Glorious marketplace an hour earlier than the public. Sign up now for your opportunity to join the Glorious founding membership.


When does ‘Cass’ go on sale?

The sale of editions 2-10 will be available from the Glorious marketplace on Thursday 10 March. GFM holders get access to the sale an hour earlier than the public:

GFM Release- 6pm
Public Release - 7pm

What happens when the release goes live?

Glorious Founding Members will need to sign into their wallet on or before 6pm in order to access the pre-sale. All others will need to sign into their Glorious wallet at 7pm to purchase

How much does Cass cost?

Each one of editions 2-10 will cost 2ETH

What happens if I am not successful?

If you do not make the purchase, you will be able to transfer any remaining ETH our of your Glorious wallet on Friday 11 March.

Are there any more opportunities to purchase Cass?

We have partnered with The International Art Centre (Parnell, Auckland) to auction edition 1 of 12 from March 11 - 17.

Please download their app or visit their website for more information.

Our secondary marketplace will be available in the coming weeks for those who wish to buy and sell their Glorious NFTs